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Bon aka Bon Music Vision - Avant-garde artist, composer, producers comprised of Yerosha Windrich (Swiss, Indonesian, Greek) and Elfed Alexander Morris (Welsh, Ghanaian, Native Canadian) - “Have been imprinting their sound on the UK’s experimental landscape. They’ve established themselves as an inventive force creating at the intersection of club music and sound design.” - Crack Magazine


Transmedia artists who have previously contributed to works with - The R.S.A, British Arts Council, Factory Fifteen, McQ(Alexander McQueen) and Nowness they have also composed and produced projects for Warp RecordsHyperdub Records Leirer-verlagTransgressive Records, True Panther, and 4AD Records, as well as recently performing at Zaha Hadid Architects Portal installation


Bon were recently invited by Professor Leila Adu to participate in NYU’s Critical Sonic Practice Symposium Elegy, discussing a range of topics from music practice, theory, history and political activeness alongside Jason King, Isabelia Herrera, Debit, and Dr Kwami Coleman. Bon were invited back to NYU to discuss Radical Archivists.


With a life long interest in finding fluidity in perceptual conventions, Bon’s mission is to create something from the perspective of the outsider - an insight into what it is to be and belong and how to find community in art and culture that exists on the fringes of the mainstream.

Their art grew out of a desire to celebrate the other - to create in the spirit of inclusiveness be it physical, social, sexual or racial.


In 2023/24 BON have been curating a series of events at Reference Point 180 and have performed alongside Donna KimHolland Andrews and Damsel Elysium 

Press Reviews and Interviews

Supported by:

Elizabeth Alker Unclassified BBC 3

Benji B BBC 1

Deb Grant & Tom Ravenscroft BBC6

Mary Anne Hobbs BBC 6



Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art Interview



Crack Magazine - “Bon have established themselves as an inventive force creating at the intersection of club music and sound design.”

Mixmag - “An atmospheric ambient track that lulls and calms as it moves through its motions.”

Self-Titled Magazine - “A weightless exchange of sound waves and abstract ideas with ambient pioneer Laraaji.”

Wonderland - "Spellbinding single 'Raijin' typifies the project’s disruptive but indispensable quality - this project truly is one to get lost in."

The Fader - “Take a deep dive into the duo's atmospheric soundscapes”

BBC 6 Music - Tom Ravenscroft

DUMMY - 'Bon and Haruna have also joined forces to helm the latest Dummy Mix in our series.'

Music Radar - “Abstract and atmospheric, a drifting, blissful sound-world that recalls the luxuriant tones of Brian Eno's LUX.”

Magnetic Magazine - “The LP has an organic and natural feel to it, blending ambient compositions with the occasional classic electronica.”

Fluid Radio - “The album is a natural wonder, gently unfolding and glowing”

Bandcamp - “BON captures the repetitive, generative patterns of nature with blissful reverence.”

Electronic Sound Magazine [print] - “A modern ambient masterclass”


OpenLab Radio Interview 

Self-Titled Magazine - Bon & Akiko Haruna 'Songs That Shaped their First Sight EP'

Computer Music - 15 Questions with Bon

Composer Songwriter Pages


Alex Morris - Composer/Songwriter page


Yerosha Windrich - Composer/Songwriter page 

Writing and Production collaborations


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Gaika - Crack Magazine 


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