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Elizabeth Alker Unclassified BBC 3

Benji B BBC 1

Deb Grant & Tom Ravenscroft BBC6

Mary Anne Hobbs BBC 6



Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art Interview



Crack Magazine - “Bon have established themselves as an inventive force creating at the intersection of club music and sound design.”

Mixmag - “An atmospheric ambient track that lulls and calms as it moves through its motions.”

Self-Titled Magazine - “A weightless exchange of sound waves and abstract ideas with ambient pioneer Laraaji.”

Wonderland - "Spellbinding single 'Raijin' typifies the project’s disruptive but indispensable quality - this project truly is one to get lost in."

The Fader - “Take a deep dive into the duo's atmospheric soundscapes”

BBC 6 Music - Tom Ravenscroft

DUMMY - 'Bon and Haruna have also joined forces to helm the latest Dummy Mix in our series.'

Music Radar - “Abstract and atmospheric, a drifting, blissful sound-world that recalls the luxuriant tones of Brian Eno's LUX.”

Magnetic Magazine - “The LP has an organic and natural feel to it, blending ambient compositions with the occasional classic electronica.”

Fluid Radio - “The album is a natural wonder, gently unfolding and glowing”

Bandcamp - “BON captures the repetitive, generative patterns of nature with blissful reverence.”

Electronic Sound Magazine [print] - “A modern ambient masterclass”


OpenLab Radio Interview 

Self-Titled Magazine - Bon & Akiko Haruna 'Songs That Shaped their First Sight EP'

Computer Music - 15 Questions with Bon

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